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Trade Recommendations Based on Sentiment

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Invest Smartly

Join the best retail sentiment Discord server for free. To unlock the full amazing content, please consider subscribing via at a very reasonable low monthly fee 

What we do at Quasidb

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Real time and verifiable signals based on the shifting of herd sentiment

To prove how the market is engineered against the majority of retail sentiment we post ALL of our trade results publicly. This way you can see the potential of our strategies and properly gauge the returns of our signals.

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Daily YouTube Videos and Analysis

Trade Confidently with peace of mind

Stock Charts in the Newspaper

 Unique access to the best sentiment Discord server in the world

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Supply and Demand
Pitchfork analysis

Speculative Sentiment Index

Order Book

Stop Loss Clusters (liquidity zones)

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Our Mission

The team at Quasidb are a small group of professional traders that aim to inspire and educate others through sentimental, technical and fundamental trading methods and market knowledge.

Our goal is to provide consistently profitable trading signals & strategies to aspiring traders of all skill levels. We also give you (the client) the perfect opportunity to gain insight into how the market actually operates and schemes against the herd majority.

Lastly, to create the most powerful and unparalleled sentiment Discord server for public (retail trader) consumption.

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Price Plans

We have three exclusive packages available. 

Premium includes Powerful Spreadsheet Access, Buy and Sell Signals and FULL Discord access  - $30 per month

Basic includes Buy and Sell Signals and FULL Discord access - $20 per month

Bulletin includes the Daily Bulletin and accompanying video analysis - $10 per month

All payment must be processed on


(Patreon will authenticate you in Discord, so you will have immediate, full access upon payment) 

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Risk Warning

Trade Recommendations based on Sentiment offers general trading advice that does not take into consideration factors such as your trading experience, personal objectives and goals, financial means, or risk tolerance. If you have any concerns, it is suggested that you seek advice from a professional financial advisor. Keep in mind that past performance is no indication of future results.

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