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EURUSD forecast for the week beginning June 3rd 2019

Let's go through the harmonics. Note these are made by ZUP indicator. Absolutely zero bias, since the zigzags and Fibonacci are mathematically generated, for ZUP to perform search pattern recognition.

The ZUP indicator can be downloaded here:

But if you don't want to pay the $30 USD, that's understandable, but do note it is the BEST indicator you can use, so it's worth seriously considering. Also subscribers will get support in getting it set up, all included in the monthly fee.

EURUSD M15 Descending pitchfork with "Bearish Shark"

EURUSD M30 Descending pitchfork with Bullish ABCD, note the wedge pattern. will be v bullish if we get a wedge break

EURUSD H1 Descending pitchfork with Bullish ABCD, again, will be bullish if we break that diagonal

EURUSD H4 Ascending pitchfork. See we have broken that channel? The triangles are the zigzag highs and circles are the zigzag lows

Closer look on H4

EURUSD D1 - count the resistance (pink) vs support (green)...

Note the upper green circle horizontal hits that upper resistance diagonal at 1.1183

Should we close above that, it will be bullish.

Again, all depends on the Ratios...

Remember if you're long X, you actually desire sharp sudden slides, these moves scare the retail out, in order to make them to sell, and naturally, price will rise to punish them.

Seems illogical but that's how FX works and why you need to always keep cool under pressure.

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