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How to copy the quasidb signals - a tutorial

First of all, you will need a Metatrader 5 terminal (and demo)

I am using IC Markets, but it is entirely up you what MT5 platform you choose.

Step 1: Navigate to:

Step 2: Click "Download Metatrader 5"

Step 3: Click "Open Demo Account"

Step 4: Fill in the necessary fields as desired. The only thing that needs to be genuine is the email address, since you will need to go there to obtain the MT5 server Login and Password

Step 5: Click Register

Step 6: Ensure you have selected the trading platform as MT5

I would also have the Initial deposit to 10000 since it will ensure you are able to capture all the robot signals with not a really excessive drawdown on the account. (I will explain the robot methodology in a bit)

Step 7: Click "Proceed"

Now, an email will be sent your genuine email address that has the server name, login and password.

If you haven't already downloaded the MT5 terminal click the link.

Step 8: Open email and obtain the login credentials. (there might be a 15 minute delay here) I had to wait a little while making this tutorial.

Step 9: Open Metatrader 5 and Click "Login to Trade Account"

Step 10: Fill in the Login and Password (as per email)

Step 11: Click "OK" and we're done with setting up MT5 demo.

Step 12: (important part) Click "File" > "Login to MQL5 community"

Step 14: Fill in the Login and Password (if you don't have an account, do click that link, it's vital you have a MQL5 account (to copy the signals)

Step 15: We navigate to the quasidb robot signals page as follows:

It will look like this, with that old photo of me waving towards the camera :-)

Do be aware there is fairly significant drawdown on the account, I will explain why at the end of the tutorial...