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How to create a News Channel within Telegram to assist you in your trades.

Step 1 : Click this link

(We need to add a "bot" to telegram which will communicate to the outside world)

Step 2:

Click "Open Telegram Desktop" (assuming you have Telegram installed on your desktop) ...

Step 3:

Type /start

Step 4:

Type /newbot

It will ask you what do you want to call it:

Step 5 :

Call it "News Channel" or something appropriate.

Take note of the API token as we will be using this later to connect.

That's it, you created a bot and named it :-) easy!

Now we want to get your newly created Bot's ID (so things can be sent here) think of it like a Postal Code (or ZIP code)

Step 6:

At the very top of Telegram, there's a Search box. type "get id"

Step 7:

Type /start

You'll now be able to see your Chat ID. Which we need for the next part:

Step 8:

Go to and sign in (I used Google to authenticate, but it's up to you)

Step 9:

Type "RSS" into that field and click "Continue"

Step 10:

Click on that large question mark and click RSS for confirmation.

Step 11:

Click the top option: "Watch RSS feed items"

Step 12:

Insert whatever news feed you like here:

For trading we can use the myfbook streaming live feed (it's really, really good)

Step 13:

Click Ok but change the 2 to 1. Then that way you won't be pinged twice with two different news articles at the same time.

Step 14:

Click OK to the next screen "From now on"

Step 15: click on the + arrow to add another module (aka Telegram)

Step 16:

Type in "Telegram" into the search field

Step 17:

Now select the top option "Send a Text Message"

Step 18:

Click "Add"

Step 19:

Find your Botfather ID on Telegram (you received this after naming the bot)

It'll look like:

You can use this token to access HTTP API: xxxxxxxxx: :XXXXXX H8rDcyyY1hcuyvC30J9rrQ3h_22w

Step 20:

Insert that long string of code into the Token box

Step 21

Insert your ID into the Chat ID part and click "OK"

(side note: See Step 7 to obtain the Chat ID)

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