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How to donate your spare computer power to the MQL5 cloud network and earn money in the process

Seems to be good to be true?

There is a disclaimer, just to make you aware.

It can slow your computer down. It will be unnoticeable if you have a very fast CPU / decent RAM. But if your PC / laptop is already slow (and old) I advise not undertaking these steps.

So, in my case, I'm donating my CPU power on a spare desktop PC which is running 24/7 regardless, since I have an Expert Adviser running on my Metatrader instance. That computer has i5 processor @ 3.2 GHz and 16 GB RAM, and it can makes up to $1 to $1.50 a day. Doesn't sound like much but it does add up over time.

And the process of your computer's hard-earned money and taking money from MQL5 into PayPal is completely legit. I've tested it and it works (not a scam etc) OK, with that being said. What is this exactly? Why do they need your spare computing power?

In every MetaTrader instance is an "in built" testing function, where people can physically test robots / algorithms within their terminal, either ones they've made themselves or some they've downloaded from others. By allocating your spare CPU power to the cloud, you're speeding up the times taken for their tests.

Think of it in this way, where someone could undertake a solo task it will takes AGES, but in a group effort, it takes hardly any time at all.

So that's what this is at a very basic level: you're donating spare computing power towards a group effort to help others complete their tests, while getting paid...

Right, here are the steps required:

First of go to the MQL5 website and create an account there:

It's free to sign up.

Now you have an account.

Go here:

Click "sign in"

Click "Download the Metatrader 5 Strategy Tester" Now follow these simple steps.

Install as normal:

This is the "Welcome Page" as it were:

Navigate to "Services" tab and click "Add" (this will instruct the Metatrader Strategy Tester to use your spare Processor Cores.

The most important part:

Ensure you have "Sell computing resources via an MQL5 community account" ticked

Insert YOUR MQL5 account name in that field below. (very important)

You can also "Schedule" the tool to work for you according to the hours you set.

This also works 100%, it goes to idle / sleep mode precisely on the hour you've set. (I've tested it)

Lastly, if you have any issues whatsoever and want to tweak anything, go to "Services" tab

Word of advice, it can up to an hour before you see any traffic In / Out.

So give it an hour 90 minutes, and it will work eventually.

I became impatient first time, and became absolutely certain it wasn't going to work, due to some weird setting or firewall issue.

But it will, like the best of things: require patience. Give it time...

That's it.


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