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How to install the Quasidb Expert Advisor

1. Ensure you're a member of the QuasiDbEA telegram group.

2. Scroll up on the chat to locate the following .zip file

3, Extract the contents

4. Extract to default location

5. Ensure Metatrader 4 is closed, if running close it.

6, Now what you need to do is Right click "MtApi_Setup" Run as Administrator

7. Click More info

7. Click "Run Anyway" at the next screen.

8. Click "Yes" to the next screen

9. Ensure you tick the checkbox and then click "Install"

It will install Visual Basic C++ files (if not present on your machine already)

10. On the next screen it is important you select Complete.

11. and then finally click "install"

12. Finally click "Finish" and that's the MTAPi part done.

13. So now open Metatrader 4

14.Enable "Auto trading" (at top)

15. Now locate MTApi in the Navigator window (it'll be installed in the Expert Advisors, since it's a automated piece of software / "robot" we're dealing with)

16. Right click MtAPI and Attach to chart

17. Ensure you have the same settings and click "OK"

18. Now what it'll do is try and connect to the outside world, so it will ask for your permission to allow this communication. Check both boxes.

19, Ensure the icon is :-) and then that's the MTApi part done.

20. Now go back to the location where you extracted the contents of the .zip and Install the Quasidb-Mt4.msi

21 Like before click "more info" and "Run anyway" it's safe, so don't worry too much.

22. Click "Next"

23. Click "Next" and go through the steps, accepting the defaults and then click "finish"

24. What is recommended is you go to the following directory and then "Right Click - Run as administrator"

C:\Program Files (x86)\AlbanNdoja\Quasidb-Mt4

25. A command Prompt screen will appear, however don't worry it's just trying to communicate with the Google Sheet (with the "yes" / "no" messages")

26. Now, allow access to the Google Sheet as follows:

27. Click Advanced and then Cick "Go to quasidb-mt4"

28. Click Allow

29. Click Allow again

30, You can now close this window and return to MetaTrader 4

Notes: unless you modify the .xml you will open ALL signals (which is something you might want to avoid, for overtrading and risk management,

To change the settings, please see the .info file within the zip folder.

That's it. Phew. Takes 3 mins to install but about an hour to write the guide :-)

Hope it helps!

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