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New Logo for the Quasidb service

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to let you all have a glimpse of our new Quasidb logo.

And as you can see the final product is the overlapping of the bubbles, converging and diverging. The elliptical area is us, belonging to the "inner circle" (since not many people are aware of the sentiment analysis, and its immense power)

It's an incredible piece of work from Andreas, so I humbly thank him for his hard work.

To consolidate our many groups and channels in telegram we need to have a theme that unites them all, so I am going to propose we have a unifying icon for all telegram groups, with different colouring scheme to differentiate them.

Signals would have a green hue (for obvious reasons, profits etc), whereas the public could be sky blue, indicating openness and transparency.

Improving the brand image is an ongoing task, but just wanted to show you guys some "behind the scenes" work.

Cool huh.

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