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Pivots Panel - a quick tutorial

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Step 2: Click "Register" to Create an account (it's free)

Step 3: Populate the fields, and then upon completion you will be sent an email to "verify your account"

Step 4: Click the link in your email

Step 5: Login again

Step 6: Click "Learn More" underneath the Pivots Panel window

Step 7: Click Download

Step 8: In Windows Explorer you will see the file in the Downloads Folder

Step 9: Double-click that file (or you can Right-click "Run as administrator" (I did this as Quantower deems this step necessary)

NOTE: Pivot Panel is a separate piece of software that does not require metatrader or FXCM, it can be found by performing a Windows Search as follows:

Step 10: Login using the same credentials as the website:

Step 11: Let's say you were really keen on trading Gold (and nothing else), and the other symbols have little meaning to you, so click "Clear"

Step 12: Now, simply click the Dropdown next to the symbol, ensure the time frame is correct and then click "Create" Step 13: If you opted to have all the pivot time frames for your chosen symbol, it will look like this:

Note that Gold is ABOVE pivot on all time-frames.. That's bullish technically speaking.

Step 14: Click the Sound On / Off to toggle alerts.

That's it really, the rest can be worked out by trial and error. Also I believe it only offers standard pivot points.

Also I hope it is clear how you would use the pivot points for trade entry?

Here's an example:

*endless trade opportunities.* Remember the only thing holding you back, is your poor risk management. It might even require multiple attempts but eventually you will succeed.

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