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Quantower setup and quick tutorial

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Download the terminal.

In the menu bar at top, there’s a Connections option

Clicking that will result in a similar screen

Ok now you need to open an Oanda Demo account

Watch this video... Very helpful (2mins)

Open a browser and navigate to the Oanda site:

Create a new Demo Login and “submit”

Navigate to Oanda's Home Page.

Navigate to "My Account" page

Select Manage API access

Now copy that long string of data (on the next screen). We’re going to paste that into Quantower

You should be now connected to Oanda demo

Let’s get your terminal like this and you can work it out from there.

Select the top left icon and click “Grid”

Navigate to Oanda and “Off-Exchange” directory

Double click "Forex" (or whatever you're interested in)

Plus you can check the heat map too. Which you’ll find under “MISC”

This is the tip of the iceberg. Have fun and enjoy. I’m brand-new too, just exploring…

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