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TPO Volume Profile - installation instructions

Step 1:

First of all unzip the files to the default location

Step 2:

Launch MetaTrader

Step 3:

File > Open Data Folder

Step 4:

Some manual copying is required here:

Copy the "Include" files across

Step 5:

And the same thing with the "Libraries" files

Step 6:

Navigate up in the File Structure until you see "Templates" and yep, copy the contents across...

Step 7:

Ensure you have the template file copied across:

Step 8:

Lastly, we copy the Indicator across:

That was laborious... For some reason I could not copy them all as a bulk job (MQL4 > MQL4). But nevertheless it's done now.

Step 9:

Right click "Indicators" and double-click the indicator

Step 10:

You will get a LOT of options, but don't worry about these for now. I'm still brand new as well. Will investigate them... So click "ok"

Step 11:

Right click Chart and "Open Template"


It will require a little tidy up, change colour background etc, but there we go. Fully amazing Volume Profile which PROPER historical data, and automatic levels.

The link to the files are for subscribers only. Please consider subscribing for more powerful tools like this, all inclusive of the monthly fee.


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