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TPO Volume Profile - installation instructions

Step 1:

First of all unzip the files to the default location

Step 2:

Launch MetaTrader

Step 3:

File > Open Data Folder

Step 4:

Some manual copying is required here:

Copy the "Include" files across

Step 5:

And the same thing with the "Libraries" files

Step 6:

Navigate up in the File Structure until you see "Templates" and yep, copy the contents across...

Step 7:

Ensure you have the template file copied across:

Step 8:

Lastly, we copy the Indicator across:

That was laborious... For some reason I could not copy them all as a bulk job (MQL4 > MQL4). But nevertheless it's done now.

Step 9:

Right click "Indicators" and double-click the indicator

Step 10:

You will get a LOT of options, but don't worry about these for now. I'm still brand new as well. Will investigate them... So click "ok"